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IRREPLATTE | Soziokulturfonds & Aktion Mensch – Trailer

Our work at IRRE PLATTE has been well broadcasted, and it got quite good feedback, check out here:

Dance Trailer for call in

Our Trailer in advance, Dance #IRREplatte was made for spreading the word, letting (young) people of city „Brandenburg an der Havel“ come to our ground breaking art intervention – with films, theatre, installations, music and contemporary dance (mentored by choreographer Ana Djordjevic).

Besides – other perspectives

Kelvyn composed a song there for a young talented singer (Lucia Bernadas Cavallini) taking part at our workshops – that inspired others to make an inofficial trailer out of it, showing our work from another interesting perspective:


Teaching Shakespeare in Warzawa and Berlin

I am glad to work once more with young talented film makers, this time coming from Poland – and we do shakespeare together!

On behalf of the „Art Prospects Foundation“ , I will give once more a creative vision work seminar to make story ideas crisp & spicy and turn inner ideas and motives into real (film) stories…

My seminar is titled Without Contrast You’re Dead, inspired by the great designer Paul Rand – but now on my turns, there will have to be contrasts in the story telling: Shakespeare is clash of status, habitus, choices… Therefore, you can turn a story into a shakespeare approach, if you create contrasts that have to come and deal together, solve something – or go for love. 🙂

There will be improvisation exercises, guys, so be ready, be creative, and let’s have fun together!


Art beats anger. Celebration of Bosnian and Serbian creativity

Dear Dreamers, dear visionary craft workers, dear operators of time flow, dear intellectual aestheticists, dear creativity acrobats – dear Bosnian & Serbian peaceful artists, (vision work bosnia)


we are glad to invite You to the 1st international improvisation film slam (iifs) of Bosnia and Herzegovina – at Kratkofil Plus International Film Festvial (July 22-26), in Banja Luka‎.

What we know:

Everyone can do potentially a blockbuster, nowadays. Even with a cell phone. You don’t need cinema equipment and trucks full of light stuff and material. The only thing that counts is: what idea is in your head. The power of ideas can change the world. So, let’s work together on Your visions and ideas! vision work bosnia

What You need:

> You have to be able to understand and communicate in English. Since we are three guys from Old Europe, who try to help you becoming an international film star. Or something like this. We only speak English.

> You should have worked with film already. We will check one afternoon all together the ‚overall workflow‘ and give you some advice – but if you never have done a film before, maybe you will get lost at the competition day. Well, maybe you will win the competition on the other hand, with a horrible out-of-focus picture on screen, but a brillant sound idea. But the chance to get into the audience competition is much higher, if we get some results that we can really show, technically. The films will be filmed and edtited by you and your team, all on your own (check the specs, at the end of this text!). vision work bosnia

Furthermore, you will need:

    1. a smartphone, photo cam or any filming device (your blockbuster gadget) that can do film clips. The clips need to be recorded to a (micro/normal) SD card that you can physically remove from the camera and put into a laptop or card reader (that you possess). Think of all the different potential filming devices that are existing, you need to be able to get the stuff into your laptop, with a working ‚driver‘. Be aware of it.
    2. a laptop (your dream factory) for editing with Davinci Resolve 11 or your own working editing suite (if you can handle that)
    3. your technical „hollywood staff“ of at least 2 people (including you) – your competition team for the competition day.

How to join

Please show us your visionary talent. Give us in 15 words your inspirational answer to the question:

> The most important irrelevant fact about my life that should be „seen on screen“.

You can write a limerick as well or sing a song about it, if you feel like. Be creative! That’s what we want you to be, all the time. Or just write it down, but then only by using 15 words.

Please send your inspiring answer by mail to iifs@kratkofil.orgdeadline for this is: 10th of July.

vision work bosnia

What will happen


We will show you in 1 morning lesson different ways and techniques how to make a story crisp & spicy. Or how to improvise on an idea. 

We will teach you the next day in 1 afternoon lesson how to make beautiful looking pictures without tons of cinema stuff, and how to set up a technical workslow, ehm, workflow. We will show you some basics of the free and availible DAVINCI RESOLVE 11, an awesome editing programme (check it out here). Please don’t start to install it during the workshop, if you like to work with it, but do that in advance, before the workshop. 


The 3rd day will be the competition day. You will get 3 restrictions from us, in the morning at 10h, at the kratkofil office. Nobody will know it before. Don’t ask Darija (the lovely festival director) to tell you, she does not know. Same conditions for everybody, who wants to join the battle. 

> You will have 8 hours time to realize a film on your smart phone or any filming gadget. Be crazy and professional (be organized, with people that help you!). At 18h, we will seize the results again at the kratkofil office.

The celebration ceremony

We know that you are good. Prove it. On the ceremony, we will celebrate Your creativity! Depending on the technical possibility to show the film clip and depending on the number of results (films), a jury will do a pre-selection of the best ideas. These films will be shown on the big screen in front of the audience. And THEY will decide who wins, by applause. Let me tell you: Everyone, who works on creativity and ideas, and who will have fun and ‚professional chaos‘ during these days, is a winner! 

In the end, we declare the winner of the 2nd European Vision Award. The press will hunt you, the cameras will film you, generations will remind your story later on, or something like that. 

Know it’s on you. Will You join?

(deadline 10th July, mail your proposals to:

vision work bosnia


Gernerally good (or necessary) operating conditions are: 
* be sure that you have a team that supports you on the 3rd day when you go into competition
* check out before, where you could shoot something on the competition day, without being interrupted or disturbed the whole time – still being an open and general setting for any given content
* look out for a cell phone that does film clips, HD film clips would be even better, since they look much better on screen. does your smartphone have an sd card with enough free space for your filming material?
* if you have to film outside in noisy surroundings, check out a sound recording device (even another cell phone as micro or any sd card recorder)
* be open minded for whatever comes to you(r mind) in the improvisation process. 
* you will need an editing suite that you hand handle and work with on your own. we will show you and introduce the cutting basics of the free available DaVinci Resolve 11. For this, your technical minimum requirements will be (check it out here):

Minimum system requirements for Mac:
Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion
12 GB of system memory is recommended and 8 GB is the minimum supported
Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 10.1.1 or later
CUDA Driver version 6.5.45
NVIDIA Driver version – As required by your GPU
RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later
RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later

Minimum system requirements for Windows:
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with SP1
12 GB of system memory is recommended and 8 GB is the minimum supported
Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 10.1.1 or later
NVIDIA/AMD Driver version – As required by your GPU
RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later
RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later

Minimum system requirements for Linux:
CentOS 5.4
32 GB of system memory is recommended and 16 GB is the minimum supported
Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 10.1.1 or later
NVIDIA Driver version 331.67
RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later
RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later

Check it out here:


April 2013  –  Another collection of short films about the „Great Transformation“, on behalf of Germanwatch e.V. & Brot für die Welt, is now ready for distribution: 2.000 DVDs, including our award winning short film „What Am I?“, had just left the factory and are now on their way to Bonn, just in time for the German Protestant Kirchentag. Mission accomplished.


…goes to Brazil!

We showed our visionary talent when giving our film prize „1st European Vision Award“ as special fake jury at the Kratkofil International Film Festival in 2013 to Gabriel Garcia from that country that was going to organize the football world cup in 2014… We’re convinced, that this was a first impact to the system of coincidences that enabled Germany to become the winner of that world cup one year later. Joke.

european vision award