approach creative interventions

Approach Creative Interventions

approach creative interventions

a) Reframing a „problem“ / idea

b) by the art of story telling

c) through the medium of film

is the aim of our teaching methodology. For this reason, we make use of our systemic interventions in which we generate unique and authentic results. With the aid of our techniques, the participants are best equipped to think independently and turn ideas and production plans into real stories. These stories are intended to be both, aesthetically pleasing and deep in meaning.

In our opinion, the arbitrariness and transitory nature of shallow „YouTube and TV video aesthetics“ has no particular value. We begin our work exactly where our techniques can be best applied, helping the participants to encounter their individual leitmotivs. Using our dual training method, we produce a synergy between craftsmanship and the participant´s visionary potential. At the end of our month-long academy, each participant should feel driven to realise his/her particular story: „That is me, and the story I want to tell now…!“

approach creative interventions

Expert service for creative film intervention ::: for governmental & nongovernmental organizations.

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