noise reduction

„Noise Reduction“ – Escape from Reality or Dream Ressource?

With our 2nd film, we worked together with Kai, a 15 years aged young man who loves to listen to music, for example to hard step techno.  By doing this, he could easily escape reality, he said to us.

When reality isn’t dreamy, you could still dream yourself away

Kai was excited about possibilities  that film and story telling offers. About new realities that are created by the teller. Because in a film, you can claim anything to be true – even a rapping baker or person that is involved in a car accident. At this point, Noise Reduction turns from suppressing real atmosphere sound into enabling a parallel phantasy world, accustically. There is always a space to dream yourself away. Phantasy and imagination have no borders, right?

So, what we needed was two very different worlds. We set up a world from which everyone would love to flee of, and showed on the other hand the possibility of another imaginated world existance – in our main character’s phantasy. Now, guess which one Kai chose?…

Noise Reduction – watch the film here