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During our social-cultural intervention in Palestine, we had to change our improvised office place quite often. From Jenin, we had to move immediately to Ramallah after the murder of Juliano Mer Khamis, my good friend. The workshop had to be aborted, in April 2011, we moved to a monks place, between Ramallah and Birzeit.

One year later, another series of office moves happened. After we finished our seminar in Bethlehem, we moved for a couple of days to Al Bireh in order to get the post production of 6 cinema short films started. Here, we are at our impovised office place, working on the films of „My Palestine“. There was no heater and outside we had winter, meanwhile. But the smile did not vanish from our faces, the results after only 12 days intervention were amazing: 6 short films in cinema 2K resolution with an exciting spirit, we felt from the beginning, here was something great developing…

improvised office