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lsm factory

We’d like to come up with a new & brillant idea for You: We connect artists with your brand, in order to create powerful synergies for your organization or company – lsm factory

  • We connect international artists with your interests
  • Your donation enables a brand new vision work & art process for people of different professions (performing art)
  • We (LSM factory) mentorize the whole process like new invented senior editors – taking together our 55 years of professional media experience into account (ok, we’re 3 people)
  • We offer a network of art festivals around the world and viral distribution via internet for spreading the work around the globe
LSM factory – 

stands for teaching & professional media experience that goes new ways of editorial work. From vision to ideas, from art concept to affordable realization – bringing the exciting creative power of young international artists together with new conceptual work & distribution.

Every art communication process is a chance to create magic. We found a concept to bring it together with your interests.

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Expert service for creative film intervention ::: for governmental & nongovernmental organizations.

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