Teaching Shakespeare in Warzawa and Berlin

I am glad to work once more with young talented film makers, this time coming from Poland – and we do shakespeare together!

On behalf of the „Art Prospects Foundation“ , I will give once more a creative vision work seminar to make story ideas crisp & spicy and turn inner ideas and motives into real (film) stories…

My seminar is titled Without Contrast You’re Dead, inspired by the great designer Paul Rand – but now on my turns, there will have to be contrasts in the story telling: Shakespeare is clash of status, habitus, choices… Therefore, you can turn a story into a shakespeare approach, if you create contrasts that have to come and deal together, solve something – or go for love. 🙂

There will be improvisation exercises, guys, so be ready, be creative, and let’s have fun together!


And the winner is… coming from Banja Luka Republika Srbska

We did it again. The 2nd European Vision Award was announced for the best film clip that is going to win the competition at the ‚international improvisation film slam“ (iifs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina: in Banja Luka.

We designed this workshop (as well as this competition, like the whole price, two years ago) as a creative intervention, trying to envoke entertainment and cutural exchange not only for professional film makers, but for simply everybody who likes to join and be creative.

We teached some quite impressive creative tools in our workshop, in order to focus ideas and free associations. We had fun, guys!

banja luka