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Kick off – September 22nd :: #IRREPLATTE

We will start our art intervention IRREPLATTE soon, on Sep 22nd in Brandenburg an der Havel – with a lovely vision work shop. All participants/young artists and all mentors: together we will work on ideas for theatre, films, music and…. (drum roll).. DANCE!

We shot a lovely film trailer with Ana Djordjevic and Ruben Reniers, showing first ideas and our place that is to be filled with art, dreams, music and visual concepts…

For participants: come on 22/23/24 Sept or get informed here:┬áhttps://www.facebook.com/events/19488…

Sign in here: https://goo.gl/forms/nI6IRSxatWfZuFcs2

You can find us as well on:

www.facebook.com/deineirreleere www.instagram.com/deineirreleere

Let’s celebrate art together! ­čÖé

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This year, we’re going to celebrate creativity in “Brandenburg an der Havel”, a lovely little city close to Germany’s capitol Berlin – together with the experts from “Deine irre Leere”┬á& Lehnschulzenhofb├╝hne, our partner┬áNGO “Dehnungsfuge”, and with lovely support of the German state’s Fonds Soziokultur.

Together with young talented artists (and we know: everyone has the potentials to be/come one), we are going to fill up an empty house in the industrial part of Brandenburg with films, music, theatre, dance, dreams and… – well, with art.

The poject’s called IRRE PLATTE ┬á(#irreplatte), you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and follow our lovely set up Youtube Channel (please do!).

Looking forward to report more about our work soon…